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(Michael Walker) #1

Is there any free or paid for Store themes and or stacks? I love my rapid weaver and what to make a simple website with a store attached only for a couple items like 6 at most thanks in advance I want to be able to use Sqaure and PayPal Stripe would love a laid out simple store theme…

(scott williams) #2

have a look at there is also a RW plugin although I’ve never gone the plugin route.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Info on the plugin from Ecwid:

Free training:

(Michael Walker) #4

Yes, I tried that and I reviewed the video, and when I add it to rapid weaver it just gets stuck on the window, after i said i "Connect Existing Store, did the something at first when I hit new store… just a blank window after I hit connect existing store…

(Michael Frankland) #5

Also if you just want some Stacks to use on any page you can use our Cart 2 (PayPal and Stripe - not Square though):

(Michael Walker) #6

Thanks, but I bought your bundle a few years ago, and you never did give me a way to download it afterwards…

(Michael Frankland) #7

@Flashoser I’m confused !!!
So you bought it and never downloaded it?!
I’ll DM you to get info…

(system) #8

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