How to create this dated event?

(Anugyan) #1

I would like to create a dated event list and am wondering how it was done here?

Any ideas?

(Chris) #2

While the design is not the same, I released a new stack this week: Event Calendar.



(Anugyan) #3

Hi Chris, I looked at your calendar and liked it very much but its not what i had in mind right now.
but thanx for your response

(scott williams) #4

I am unclear if you want this attached to an actual calendar (google calendar, date snap etc.), if you are just looking for a list stack you can use in RW or if you want it fed from outside RW (maybe Google sheets and gridIron stack in that case)

Can you explain further?

(Anugyan) #5

Firstly what I find appealing is the layout of the date with month under it. Simple and clean.
And event text to the right. I can create it with stacks but was wondering if there was a simple ‘drop-in’ solution?
No, it is not attached to a calendar or feed in. Its just a stand alone way to present and event or 2 in a clean way. i guess thats what I liked about it.

(Rob Beattie) #6

You’d be able to do that with HeaderPro and Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck. Brilliant stacks and incredibly versatile.

You can find them here.

(scott williams) #7

I see, well if you are happy to update it using RW then stacks are probably your best bet as @robbeattie suggested Header pro and paragraph pro are extremely versatile, maybe put the whole thing in a grid stack. If you want to update outside of RW then have a look at GridIron from chillidog it has alot of formating options and feeds from a google sheet. Good Luck, I would be intrested in seeing what you come up with.

(Jonathan Spencer) #8

I have done something similar with Total CMS and the Today stack on the middle of this page. I haven’t included any times as there was no need but could easily add them, the entries are manually added as a TCMS blog.

(Anugyan) #9

In the end I did it with BWD stacks
Looks like this.

(luis magone) #10

How to test the calendar in a browser? Thanks