How to do a splash page that fades out after a few seconds?

Well it’s all in the title. I can’t believe that there is no stack out there that covers this simple need. I was looking for hours and hours now but couldn’t find a solution for this. I know - and already purchased - the Splash stack from doobox and also the Landing Zone stack but unfortunately they don’t do the job.

All I wanna have is: a Logo centered on the screen on a white background, mabye with some words beneath ‘please wait 5 seconds’, and then the splash page slowly fades out to the website.
I know that this is a fairly simple task with some css, html & jquery coding if you know how to do it, but that’s the problem - I am not a professional web designer. So I was hoping there is a stack out there that does the job for me but … :frowning:

thanks for some hints

Have you considered the Gateway stack? Should do the job: it’s very flexible in terms of settings. More here:

Just another option… Fancy Intro stack from tsooj, maybe?

Thanks a lot for these tips! I think the Gateway stack could work for me. I will test this in different browsers but it looks good so far. Thank you!

@macuser96: Good to know. Gateway is very flexible so you can achieve many different effects with it. A great tool to have and not just for this particular need.