Looking for help / suggestions on a splash/redirect page

Hi everyone. I have finished a site for a realtor but it turns out (at least temporarily anyway), she needs to direct users to the agency’s site. She wants to keep her domain name active so it comes up if people search her. Right now its set it up to redirect automatically but, I’m wondering if I could have a splash page come up and directs users to the agency site.

In my head, it’s a near full screen overlay with a bit of a transparency so you could see the site behind/underneath it would direct people to the different site.

I’m wondering what the best way to do that is. I thought maybe some combo of Jack and Target from Joe Workman would do it but I’m not sure how to set it up (and I already have a Target element on the page). The splash stack by doobox?

Any thoughts or suggestions? An older but similar version of the site is here if that helps.

You could have a lightbox Stack set up - as you suggest - which, when clicked on, took you to the redirected site, couldn’t you?

Thanks Mark. And you can have the lightbox load/pop up automatically?

Most Lightboxes allow you to control what triggers them. In your case, it would be On Page Load.

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