How to edit old published site without doing it in RW

I should probably know this.

But… What is the best way to do small edits to a publihsed site without going back to Rapidweaver?
I have Transmit V5.1 and also Forklift

I need to just change a few words and links


Not sure why you’re looking to edit outside of RW? Once you do that the RW project will be out of sync with the live site. You would have to at least be able to understand HTML to edit the site in the published form. With Transmit and most FTP clients you can select to edit a file directly or download to your Mac and edit with any text editior.

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Although not recommended, you could do easily in Transmit, just right-click on the file to edit:


Thanks. Why not recomended ? The reason I doint weant to do it via RW is its an old site that uses out of date stacks etc. I dont have time to rebuild it at the moment and just want to fix the instagram link

If not sure if this is the reason MiDoe is thinking of but he could mean that if you change it in your FTP, it may be overwritten the next time you publish via Rapidweaver.

You will be out of sync. Changes made would not be in the RW project, but if that doesn’t matter to you then go for it. You will need to be able to edit HTML directly, don’t know if you’re comfortable doing that.

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