Making changes on already published website

Hi all! I’m trying to update some content of my website but when I publish it, the changes don’t come up on the site itself. I’ve done the test connection and it was successful. I don’t know why changes don’t appear on my site. Please help. Thank you in advance!

You might have added a component (probably a stack) that needs to use PHP code for it to work. This can change the filename of your page from index.html to index.php. The sad part, is that RapidWeaver does not delete the old no longer used page. So your site COULD (if all of what I said is true) have both an index.html and an index.php. The issue with that, is most hosts will show the index.html over the index.php file. What you will need to do is use an FTP app to go on your server and remove the index.html page from it and then your page should work. If you would have provided a link to your site, we could have tested it.
Hope this makes sense, ask if you have questions.


I like the idea of using an FTP app so you “see” the files on your actual site. If you want to learn what is happening when RW “publishes” files then just “publish” them to a local folder then upload them with your ftp app. It is a great learning experience if nothing else. RW was built for quick and easy websites, but it never hurts to learn.

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Thank you very much for your response.
Using Filezilla: there was no index.php to begin with, but when I changed the index.html to index.php, the design of the website disappeared. It turned into plain texts. How do I keep the design and be able to make the changes I want? I’m sorry, I’m very new to this.

Here’s the link:

Again, I really appreciate your help.

If it isn’t the php vs html solution that @zeebe mentions, I’m wondering if you had the wrong path set up in your publishing, perhaps? (In which case, it may have published successfully, but just to an incorrect location/URL).

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I was not telling you to change your filename to index.php, I was thinking that you added something that you added to your page change it. I would change it back to index.html.

No, I didn’t. I just want to change the content in the paragraphs.

Thank you for your response. So even if the test connection is successful, the path set up could still be wrong? How do I find the right path then?

And I’m just wondering, is it possible that the path works in Filezilla (as I was able to make changes with it, just not how I want it) and not in RapidWeaver? Thanks in advance.

Are the paths the same in both? Double check spelling and punctuation. You can also export your site (publish local) and the use your FTP program to export the site.

I hope I didn’t give any impression of changing files using your FTP app. All your changes need be in Rapidweaver. My intent was for you to monitor the files and files names as you use ftp to upload your files.

It can depend on your host. Sometimes the path is simply a backslash
sometimes it might be something like:
and so on.
If you had it as the latter, when it was supposed to be the former, it’s possible your website published successfully, but went to instead of Example Domain

Hopefully that makes sense!
If you can share the Path you set in your publishing settings (minus the username and password), the Web Address you set in Rapidweaver General settings (see screenshots), (and maybe even the company you host with?), it might be easier to see what’s happening.

you can access your folders through the C-panel, the transmit app is also good to see what file your website is in. Most of the time it is in /public_html and if you had an add-on domain it would be /public_html/name of add-on domain. if you use the transmit app, up at the top of the app it will display the folder name and file name of each area you access. you can also right click on the file and copy the URL but the only part of the URL you need is the file path to your site. I think its best if you go into your C-panel go to the file manager and see what type of file structor you have and learn how the file system works.

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Thanks for the response. Yes, I double checked it and they are exactly the same.

Thanks for the response. Where do I find that? I’m using RapidWeaver 5. This is what I have.

Ive never used RW 5 (I went from 4 to 6) but looking at those settings, it would seem that what is in your path field, should be in your server field. And your path would be something like “/” or “/public_html” or something.

Sorry am I my phone and can’t look much closer but I’m guessing your publishing issues are related to those settings.

Also, the extension is typically html or php (not au) but maybe a RW5’er could confirm.

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I never used RW 5. But under the FTP screen shot above there is a path and server setting. These should match what you had in FileZilla. If you have a screen shot of what you have in FileZilla it might help us.

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Hi, here’s the screenshot of the filezilla.

Hi, here’s the screenshot of the filezilla.

Hi, do I just replace “au” with “/” or “/public_html”? Or is that completely different? If so, any idea where I could find it? Thanks!!