How to eliminate .html from web URL?

(Chad) #1

I’ve got a subpage of a site that I’d like to publicize with a direct, short URL, like this:

However, entering that in a browser results in an error message. The only URL that works to directly access the page is Is there a way to remove the “.html” requirement from the end of the address?

(scott williams) #2

so your main page is (or index.php)

If you want to load /dominate, it needs to be a subfolder (named dominate) and the page named index (like the top lvl page. if I understand what you are trying to do.

hope that makes sence

(Chad) #3

There is a subfolder for the sub page, and it is named dominate. However, my question was about removing the requirement for .html to be typed as part of the address.

(scott williams) #4

Name the file index.html and put it in the dominate folder

So do you have: ?

should be

(Chad) #5

Ahh that worked. There was an extra “/” in the folder name in Rapidweaver. Thanks

(scott williams) #6


cool glad its sorted