public_html publishing issue

Just got my hosting service set up and I’m not too familiar with webservers and file structures etc. Inside the public_html folder is an index.php placeholder file.
I’ve uploaded my RW site to the public_html folder and it shows up when I go to a specific page but it automatically goes to the index.php instead of my main.html page

How do I make my site automatically go to the main.html page instead of the index.php?

a link would be helpful.

Is your main.html called main.html? Change the name to index.html and delete the index PHP.

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Now, I would not go as far as @teefers and tell you to delete anything, quite yet. We need to see the issue happening before we should give advice like telling them to delete anything IMHO.

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You could rename it. But it was said to be a place holder page. Chances are if you publish your home page as index.html it will ignore the place holder.
You could also try getting to the main.html file as a full name:


If you don’t specify a file name in your url it will default to index.html or index.php

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@brent1a index.php and index.html are special file names used by web users when you view a page with a / at the end. To view a specific file, you add this file name to the URL such as /main.html. If you want main.html to show up when you view /, you’d need to set up code for this in a .htaccess. It is, however, easier to just rename the main.html page to index and have it “just work” imho.