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RW is generating both index.html and index.php pages for pretty much all (maybe all) of the pages on my 100 webpage site. The issue is my NEW SEO service (SEMRush) says that this duplicate content and that I am getting a SEO dinged by Google. I use stacks on pretty much every page and my webmaster says index.php is required for those pages. Should I delete all of the index.html pages? If so, I assume that I have to use an FTP program to delete them, and not just a setting in RW?

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If you haven’t got time to watch Joe’s video, the simple answer is as follows:

Various pages need php to do things. If you have pages in both php and html forms, this is because either (1) you have changed a page from html to php or (2) something on the page needs php and has changed the page automatically. So, yes, you need to delete the html pages. RapidWeaver can’t do this (and it would be rather terrifying if it could), so, yes, you need to delete the html pages. If you don’t have an FTP program (they’re invaluable, so I suggest you get one), you may be able to access and delete the pages via the cpanel.


Many thanks!

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