Email Stack Rapidweaver 8


I am using the email stack @joeworkman and i am having some troubles by saving and exporting my HTML newsletter. The text i have inserted is shown on the html file but all the pictures are not shown.
How can i solve this problem?

Moreover i want to insert my HTML newsletter directly to apple mail on my mac but i doesn’t work, can someone give me a hint how to solve this!

Thanks in advance!

If you have added the images to the newsletter using drag and drop, you will need to publish the project to your server before the images will appear in the email.

When you say exported HTML… Are you using the Inliner stack? This is how you get the inlined css HTML for the newsletter.

I don’t sue Apple mail for sending HTML emails, but this articles tell you how to do it.

Hi Lars, as I understand the email stack, you create your email newsletter within RW and then export it as html into mailchimp for example and bulk mail from there. The photos can be on your server and referenced via url. I don’t think the html was designed to be dropped directly into the mail app on your computer. Hope this helps.

Thanks. But how can i get the pictures into my HTML newsletter?

Thanks @anugyan.

I see but i need to upload the newsletter to a server that i can see the pictures i have implemented? But is there a option to insert it in directly to my apple mail?

What I just tried is this. If you have already created your newsletter in RW, hit command-p to export it to safari, then copy paste to apple mail. send to yourself and see if it comes through. I always have my photos on my server and link the url.

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I link the image via url. You can also choose an image locally, then view in safari, copy paste into apple mail.
PS. I have never tried it this way…Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 17.05.46

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Is there a reason you don’t want to use an email marketing site?

Thank you very much for the help

Not really but first of all all of these sites have monthly payments so if i have rapidweaver i want to use it via this and for free.

But i also tried it via Mailchimp but i also didn’t worked, because i need to upgrade to premium …

Sign up for the free package, that’s what I use. It works well with the mail builder in RW

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Ok, but i tried and in the free version you can’t put in HTML Code…

Yes u can.

Go into MailChimp and find email templates - right side Create Template

It takes u here…

Paste ur code here…

ok but for that i need to upgrade right?

You have the free package right??

When I go to mailchimp I see this.

Hit the CREATE tab it reveals this and you click on Email Template.

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 17.58.13

Thanks, now i get it.

But i am still having troubles showing my pictures in the preview. What can be the issue here?

are ur pics on your server?
You probably have the wrong url??