How to generate a new .RW-file?

(Soeren Stidsholt Nielsen) #1

Oh, no :-0(

I have lost my newest basic .RW-file (7,5) with the entire content of my web-site.

On the www my site shows precisely, as I want it.

Now I have downloaded the whole webpage with all files from the www, - html, index etc.

How can I generate a new .RW-file without building a new website from the bottom?

Thanks for answer.

(Jason Bostick) #2

I presume there’s no backup zip file on your server?

If there isn’t a backup file, (and nothing in your time machine history), I don’t know that you have much of an option other than to copy/paste and rebuild from scratch.

While I realize that this is probably the last thing you want to hear, a reminder to all who are running RW 7, be sure to check the ‘backup’ option so that you can easily get back your project file.

(Doug Bennett) #3

Since your running RW 7 if you have your publishing set to back-up the RW project file will be backed-up to your server. Just look at your publishing settings and press the button:

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