Help! Lost RW Project


Is there any way I can re-create a RapidWeaver project from the published files ? Unfortunately, I’ve lost the working project, I have access to the server where I’ve published the website and the modified Theme I’ve used….!

If you had project backup turned on in the publishing settings, there should be a copy of the project on the server.

If not, then, no, sorry, no way.

Unless of course, your running Time Machine.

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First law of Fight Club … oops I mean of “using a computer” is to always, always, always have a backup plan in place. It could be Time Machine. It could using Super Duper! It could be a lot of options. And, in fact, it’s typically best to have more than 1 back up process in place. So if you do not have a backup then you’re learning this lesson the hard way. Hopefully that’s not the case.

The option to have a project backed up and uploaded to your server via RW is fantastic. If you’re not doing it, then starting doing so right away. I have mine set to once a day. But it should not be the only backup. That’s where Time Machine, Super Duper and other options come into play.

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Thank you @Doobox for the reply, unfortunately I have not and I am not running time Machine either. :frowning:

Thank you @Mathew for the reply, unfortunately I am learning this lesson the hard way :frowning:

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