RW Backup questions

What does RW backup on server contains? It is the same project file on your local computer in same size or does it contain more in it? If same then we just download it and open it like a normal project file?

And where it is stored on the server?

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It’s Zipped(project file) and automatic. You could do it manually and get the same results.

There is a download from backup in the publishing settings, so restore should be easier.

In a directory of the path, you published to.


Thank you.

Next question,

do I have to go back and republish all my websites to create a backup if I haven’t done it on the first time I published it?

It’s a publishing setting. SO backups will happen when you publish, at the frequency you specify. But if you don’t publish, no backup. It’s not likeTimeMachine that backup when you change. I don’t use it, I have plenty of backups going on(off-site and TimeMachine), tested it and it seems to work ok.

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I understand this yes but I have several websites that I did not use backup with. If I decided to go back and have backup included.

Do I need to do republish all to have a backup made and upload on the site that I already published with no backup?

It will start the backup when you publish even a single page, as i recall.

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Yeah, I just tested it.

I had to cycle a setting in a page to get the publish button active then I could publish a backup on the sites that I already published in the past without the backups.

I think developer should add a feature that if the backup setting was changed in publishing setup then the publish button should be active to allow them to back up websites that they already published in the past.

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