How to get logo to resize responsively? (and match slogan text size?)

I’m trying to replace the site title with a slightly modified version of the same text. I downloaded the font to match, and resized the logo to as close as I could to the same size, but it is still a bit bigger than the font size of the slogan. Which is ok though I would love a way to get them to match. But more importantly, the logo doesn’t resize responsively on mobile. This must be a common problem. Is there a workaround?

Here’s a screenshot. thanks for any help!

btw, the background color in this theme slowly changes color, I wouldn’t normally put white text on this particular color. The color shift is only enabled on the homepage.

You have a URL to the page?

What theme…and the url

Hey, thank you!

I haven’t published the page yet. It’s a commerce site for a line of headphones I’m not ready to start selling yet.

The theme is Will Woodgste’s (theme flood) “Material” theme

If it would help I suppose I could publish it to some obscure url embedded in a different site.

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