How to get this simple text effect?

Hi all, if I want to create this styled header, ie with different colours in the text PLUS a drop shadow, in the font that I want, what’s the best way to do it? I’m not that good with html and haven’t got it to work correctly yet, and I’m not sure that any other stacks will allow for a nice drop shadow (as several headers will be sitting on top of images so I need them to stand out).

I’m using transparent pngs at the moment as a quick fix, should I just stick with those?

Have a look at Header Pro from BWD


Hi Scott thanks for your suggestion. I do have header pro but tend to find BWD stacks a bit too complex for me. I’ll take a look at it now thanks :-).

Hi Scott, what a fabulous stack :slight_smile: It works great thank you Scott, just one question. Now that I’ve got this stack on my page a few times here ( I find that when I’m in edit mode, the page always jumps back up to the top whenever I do anything ie. copy/paste, any ideas why this might be?

It’s probably something else on your page. Might want to check out:


Oo ok thanks I’ll take a look. It only started happening when I popped the Header Pro stack on :slight_smile:

Ah wait. It’s mentioned as something that happens in the Header Pro help pages.

The Header Pro stack is lovely :slight_smile: Do you know if there’s any way I can get each segment to have its own active link? I’m highlighting each html line and giving it a custom attribute in the window that pops up (ie tel:07795 etc and mailto: etc) but on the live page it’s treating that stack as linkable only once.

Happens to me too in header Pro. Is there a workaround?

Not sure how you are adding the links?
Send Mail No link on this text Phone 555-123-4567

<a href="" >Send Mail</a> No link on this text <a  href="tel:5551234567">Phone 555-123-4567</a>

Brilliant, thank you Teefers :slight_smile: I’ve used it successfully here: at the bottom, excellento!

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