How to Install RW6 on New Computer

I have RW 6 on my main machine. Because I travel, I want to install RW6 on my laptop. I have my order number for my RW6 upgrade (and others), and I have my serial number for RW3. Do I need anything else?

I have read the posts about the risks of using two computers and understand them.

I do this all the time. You will need all the serial numbers for your plugins. they are not transportable as far as I can tell. They will need to be re entered on the laptop

The cool thing if you update to RapidWeaver 7 is that you will be able to have all of your plugins and themes on a place like Dropbox where you can access them from different computers.

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I was able to dig back and find the email with the really long license number for RW6. It worked fine.