Brand new to RapidWeaver 6, should I upgrade to 7 straightaway?

I have just got RW6 and I’m wondering if I should cut my teeth on this software before upgrading to RW7.
I am a complete novice, at this kind of project!
Any advice would be appreciated

Hi @Cavo,

Welcome to the world of Rapidweaver! You’re going to love it! :slight_smile:

The differences between RW6 and RW7 will be apparent to seasoned users but if you’re just starting out, you’d be able to learn to use RW7 as easily as RW6 in my opinion. RW7 has some nice features so I’d say go for it!


I concur with Beem. In my opinion, if you are starting with any application, there is absolutely no good reason to start with an outdated version (except when you are using an outdated OS).

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I HIGHLY recommend you start with version 7. There’ll be no upgrade issues possible that way and if you purchase/download any addons, they’ll have to be updated to work with Rapidweaver 7 soon enough anyways.

And, Rapidweaver 7 rocks!