How to make a header wider

I am looking for a header I am looking for a stack where the header uses the whole screen

Thats normally controlled by the theme

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When you say Header, I am presuming you mean image/section at the top of the website and not, say, an actual header title?

If it is the section at the top of your site, you’ll be limited by the theme, as @swilliam mentions. However, there are stacks (Sections Pro comes to mind) that will allow you to have you to set a proportional height for your stack (100% of the browser height, for example).

Your best bet is to either find a theme that features this, check your current theme to see if it has a ‘max-width’ setting, or try and a freeform theme and use something like Sections Pro (Big White Duck), Impact (Joe Workman), Heroic Banner (One Little Designer) or Vegas (Doobox) to name a few.

If you want an actual title/header to cover the entire width, you could use Billboard maybe? Scroll about half-way down for a full-width example

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Tanks Jason for your fast response I work with fast blanc them bluebell free I will try tonight with your suggestions.
Manu Thanks

Also, make sure that if you are putting a stack within another stack that both are full width. I know it sounds like a stupid thing to check but I have been caught by that little issue in the past. I always use the new notes section when I make a change now. That way 6 months from now I can remember what I did and why.