Max width setting of stacks

(Mike Hendrickx) #1

Is it possible to set the max width setting of a certain stack and not the whole page. I am working on the site and want the text stacks with a max width.

(EricW) #2

Sent you a private message I hope you can answer… not sure about Stacks itself but you might want to take a look at AdaptiveGrid or UsefulGrid from Stacks4Stacks to be in control of the size of your stack.

(Rob Beattie) #3

Doobox’ Max stack does exactly this.

(Will Woodgate) #4

The free UsefulStack stack I provide also has max-width and max-height settings built in. You can configure these dimensions in the stack settings. Just drop the content or stacks you want constrained directly inside UsefulStack. It should work perfectly for your blocks of text. Stacks 2 and Stacks 3 compatible.

(Mike Hendrickx) #5

Thx Will, i used your free UsefulStack and it worked perfect.