How to make slider take more than 3 images (Foundry Slider)


Excuse me if this is too basic, but I can’t find the setting or interface item that allows me to add more than three images to a Foundry Slider stack. It shows nicely space for 3 images, has boxes where you click and on the right in the inspector you can drag the image to the box, all fine, but how to make it have more than three images? I’m assuming you can. I would consider it kind of lame if it only can show three. But I’d be understanding as I just am. So how about it? More than three?

Thanks in advance
Das goravani

Press the blue +

Select Slide

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Just click the little blue plus button:

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Ha, beat me to it!

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I found it in their documentation, I didn’t think they had documentation, but hidden away behind a link or two I find that they have fairly complete documentation, and there they told of the little button, damn, I should have seen that, I’m really sorry to have bothered the board. -Das

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Don’t be thats how you learn.


And videos. Lots of videos…

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Are you saying that Videos make a great website? To add a lot of videos if possible?


Tutorial videos for Foundry.

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You know I watched a whole bunch of videos and none of it sank in. It’s only by doing that I learn. Right now I’m stuck on that the Page Inspector is stuck on one thing, and won’t shift off of that. It’s stuff like this that really helps you to learn. Any idea how to make the page inspector move on to another topic, I’m doing the menu and it’s having no effect.

Never mind that one, was in Preview, everything locks up in Preview, I was on Master Style, everything locks up on Master Style, see… it’s getting used to all these things, that makes the difference, when you watch, you dont know what to watch for, now I’ll know a little better what to watch for, like which left side topic they have hi lighted when they do something… sorry

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