SuperFlex 3 is coming. Taking last minute feature requests!

Hey everyone, I’ve been hard at work on SuperFlex 3 (my slideshow stack). While I’ve already added many killer new features, I wanted to hear from current SuperFlex users out there - to fit in any feature requests.

Currently, here’s the top 3 new features coming in SuperFlex 3: Slide Media Types, Hero slides, and Thumbnails!

Major new features:

New: “Stack” slide media type. Add in any stack for slide creation.
New: “Hero” slide media type. Headline, paragraph, and button link input and formatting controls. Elegant (and adjustable) animation timing on Hero text elements. Add a full wrap background image, with blur and tint control.
New: “YouTube” slide media type. Enter video ID, and done. Responsive formatting added.
New: “Vimeo” slide media type. Enter video ID and done. Responsive formatting added.
New: “Instagram” slide media type. Paste in instagram image URL and done! Responsive formatting added.
New: “Google Map” slide media type. Paste in Google Map iframe code and done! Responsive formatting added.
New: Auto or manual thumbnail generation for each slide.
New: Thumbnail height, spacing, padding, mobile display controls.
New: Thumbnail opacity, min, max, and move display controls.
New: Caption timing, opacity, size, and mobile display controls.
New: New loader animtion, adjustable size, thickness, speed, and mobile display control.

Minor new SF3 features:

New: Color adjustable directional arrows.
New: Import control, into selectable containers EC1 - EC9.
New: Individual toggle display of Paging and Thumbnails.

That’s it for now, if I’ve missed a must have feature you wanted, (or you have questions) let me know. Thanks!



How about an option to display three images/slides at once. For the two side images, choose to give them a light or dark opacity, or no opacity. An option for the distance between the slides: none, 3px, 5px, 10px. I saw this effect on another developer’s sllder stack. Thanks


Looks like I’ll be delaying a new clients site…only greatness comes from NCD!


I love the idea of dynamic images. I played around trying implimenting this for a few hours, and I’m going to deem this feature beyond my personal skill set. I might hire out this feature to get it done (if it’s possible). But I do like the concept of pulling in images dynamically. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Interesting, yeah this is MDD’s slider. I wouldn’t want to directly copy the effect he has, but I’ll have to experiment. It does give slides a more unique feel than traditional main image - so I do see the appeal. Lemme think about this one.

What about this effect/option:

Cool effect, but doesn’t exactly lend itself to a slideshow function. While possible, would be quite hard to make SF3 accomade this. Thanks for the example link though.

I inquired database gurus about MySQL or even folders with only images - to connect within Stacks, and simple put, it’s not possible… This is why other stacks haven’t implemented this :grimacing: I wanted this, but it’s a wall I can’t scale unfortunately.

Talk to @joeworkman about including ways to make TotalCMS work easily with it!!

How about using %resource% images? or, does it do that already and I’m just ignorant?

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I will, good suggestion!

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Could try that, will have to test… @mastermix (or anyone else) would that be something you’d be happy with?


@nickcates That would be awesome - rather than pepper the site with images, one could just put them once in the resources and be done! :smiley:

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I’m sold on the concept. Ok, lemme work on this.


@nickcates @Aaron, I wish RW had a way to do this with ALL images… :wink:


Add a warehouse folder based slideshow option…

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Yes, a warehouse folder option would be great, which goes in the direction which I also would love to see: an integration with Total CMS (as zeebe already suggested)…!

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I have great news, using a remote folder for SuperFlex is now an added feature! It’s been tested, and now works great.

While in RW edit, you enter the SuperFlex folder url, then in preview you’ll see a “successful” folder link confirmation, or an “error” message in linking.

Images are pulled via Ajax, which means remote images can only be view when the site is actually published… But - the RW preview mode folder check/validation ensures that you know whether SuperFlex has correctly linked to your image folder or not - before publishing.

I haven’t talked with Joe about Total CMS integration yet, and I’ll test out using a resources folder today, but pulling images via server folder is now an offically added feature!