Image Stack Grid with Roll Over Text

I love the roll over grid found here with text and changes the entire image. Is there any stack than anyone knows of that does this?

The new Sections Pro V2 by Big White Duck looks like it will do this easily. Release date this week.


Thanks Jabostick, I am still trying to figure out how to pull this off with that but I’ll figure it out. Appreciate the direction.

Hi Adam. Andrew has a project file download that is helpful in wrapping your head around Sections Pro. You can check it out here:

This is useful in any case BUT I have to apologize in not reading your question carefully. I just looked at your images and not the link and thought you were asking about changing the individual grid boxes on hover. That is done very easily with Sections Pro.

However, I’m not at my RW computer to see if changing the full background on hover of a single grid item is possible (you know, the actual thing you asked, and did so clearly if I read carefully). Not saying it isn’t possible, just not sure off the top of my head.

Apologies again. In the meantime, maybe @tav could say if this is doable? EDIT: Andrew is away this week unfortunately.

I think you will want Sections Box for that which is not out yet, @tav wanted it released this week, but it might get pushed back with stuff going on. Real life can be a bitch sometimes.

Thanks guys for the help, I’ll keep an eye out for Sections Box.

We all know how that goes! “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” Allen Saunders

Here’s my try at the grid using sections pro:

It was done quick, so it can be refined to your preference. It only will show when viewed in desktop mode.
The rollover effect to a different image when hovering over sections could not be done, unless someone else could chime in. I’m not sure why im getting this page is in French popup when viewing on Chrome :confused:

Great thanks, I am really looking for the changing large image, that would be helpful to show some nice detail and is very eye pleasing with the transitions to me.

Yeah would be nice, but don’t think you can do that part

@zeebe. in trying to change the full background image each time an item is hovered (not just the single grid items themselves) - if this isn’t possible with Sections Box, is it possible with PeekABoo?

So glad to see this implemented

Great work!

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No, I do not believe Peek-A-Boo can do that.

@skillet now knows but I should point this out the the rest of you. The rollover background image effect in the test page will be available as a download when the next update to SectionsPRO and SectionsBOX is released.

I hope it won’t be too long to wait but there are a couple of new features that really open up the possibilities for use with infoGraphics as well has the more conventional hover effects.


Someone asked if this would work with a masonry style layout, and yes it does. It doesn’t matter what you use for layout, the SectionsBOX CSS animation builder will work almost anywhere.
Here is it is with Elixir’s Bricks2 used to do the layout

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'Twas I. Woof. Or perhaps ‘quack’ would be more appropriate. Looks very fancy and very useful. Would make a great navigation.


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I just wanted to confirm if these updates are availbile and what exactly needs to be purchased for sure to make this happen. I think Briks2 (if you don’t want them all the same size), SectionsPro and SectionsBox.

The update to the animate stack that will allow you to build that layout is still in testing. I’ve added quite a lot of new functionality and I want to be sure everything is bullet proof before public release. Sorry for the delay but I’ve been a bit tied up with other things as well. It shouldn’t be too long now though.

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No worries at all I just wanted to be sure before I went diving in trying to figure it out. I trust you will likely post back when it is released. If not I’ll just keep checking and making sure I didn’t miss the release. Thanks for all your excellent work making so much possible for the Weavers!

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Yes, I will try and remember to post on this thread if I can find it again. I will also tweet the update on @bwd_stacks and it will be on the news section of

Thanks for your encouraging words :slight_smile:

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