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Help! I am recreating a website for a friend’s business and there are 3 columns with text that have their own border and a white background. I am looking for a stack that has a rollover effect that when a mouse goes over it, the box/background will change to a darker color (gray). I have a friend who did her sight in wordpress and she achieved the effect that I am looking for when viewing it on a computer. Please check it out

When you hover the mouse, the box goes from white to gray and the border changes color as well (thats not a big deal for me). I’m not looking for a stack for photos, one that will change the color of a background.

If anyone can help that would be great!

Here is what she did.

HoverBox might be a good solution. You can add any stacks content to the static layer and the hovered layer. It’s not just for images as seen on the demo page. You can download a free demo to see if it works.

Thanks! It worked like a charm! I tried the demo and it id what I want then I purchased the full version! Thanks so much!!! Your a rockstar!!!

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Fantastic! I’m glad it worked.

You can use Sections Pro and SectionsBox stacks, both by Big White Duck. Are awesome and you will make much more of a simple hover effect.

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