How to password protect a web page for downloads

I want to password protect a webpage containing mp3s for downloading. What is the best stack for doing that? Is Page Safe by Joe Workman my best alternative? Are there other alternatives?


Page Safe may be the best stack.

A solution that a lot of us use is Sitelok. It’s best when you have multiple pages to protect, and you may want o identify key “groups” accessing various pages. More here:

Joe even makes a set of stacks to make the setup of Sitelok a bit easier. Sitelok is paid per domain ($40 first domain, $20 each additional domain).

Based on your description Page Safe would seem to be enough. But if you somehow want to differentiate different MP3s based on user or user groups, or you may want to extend using page access to other scenarios in the future then Sitelok is your better choice.

But if all you want is exactly as you wrote then Page Safe is probably the best choice.


Hello Billy,
We got your support ticket and I have answered both of them, some reason you are not getting our replies. Here is what my response to your inquiry was:

PageSafe will keep the MP3 file safe on the page. As far as counting the downloads, Onelittledesigner might have a stack that does this, but not sure. DooBox has a download stack, not sure if it keeps track of number of downloads. Google Analytics should keep that info, but it has been a while since I looked at that, so not sure. I would join Joe’s Weaver’s Space Community and ask about it there. Lots of people willing to help out
or maybe even the Realmac Forums

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best solution for a file share web site:

(Even I doubt you should share mp3‘s…)

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So I am wondering after reviewing the above suggestions, if I should set up a store like with Cartloom? Even with Joe Workman’s Sitelok stacks the basic app called Sitelok looks like over kill for under 20 people.

Any ideas?


If you are only dealing with 20 people total, not just for this usage but for future possible usages at same domain, then “yes” Sitelok is probably overkill.

I guess I’m not clear what you are trying to do. When you mention Cartloom then you are entering purchasing considerations. That’s a whole other ballgame. Cartloom may be best for your needs but I don’t think it was clear to any of us that you wanted to sell items.

Let’s pretend that you are self-creating spoken audio MP3s that you want to share with some professional collewagues but not others. In that case Page Safe may be best. But I had completely forgotten about Jannis’ wonderful Repository stack. That’s something you may want to consider.

I use Repository all the time for my course websites. It allows my students and me to share various documents with one another. It’s a great stack and may meet your needs. It also, like Page Safe, has basic password protection. Like Page Safe the login information is not really individualized (as with Sitelok) but for the right situations that’s perfectly fine.

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Sorry that was confusing. We are teaching a six week class and want to have the mp3 of the classes and any pdfs available for the members to download. Total number is 15 to 20 members. (We eventually want to sell the mp3s on a store like Cartloom or whatever is right). So basically interested in password protecting these downloads for now. Page Safe looks like an easy, short-term answer. Sitelok looks like a major effort as I have seen on some Youtube videos.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the clarification. That helps a lot.

Sitelok is not a major undertaking. But it is more work than Page Safe (4 min or less).

You may want to take a deep look at Repository. Very easy to set up folders (e.g. one folder for each class) and then it sets things up so files are auto-downloaded (i.e. you don’t need to zip things or provide special download code). Repository also makes it super easy for your students to upload materials. I use this feature all the time for students to share work with others.

In your case Page Safe or Repository looks best. Both can be set up with password protection. I’d probably go with Repository in the same situation but both will solve the problem in different ways.

Another option, without the password protection, is the Paperless stack by Stacks4Stacks.


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