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Looking for a solution. I need a stack that will put a lock on a Stack and/or Page. I am aware of PageSafe (JW) but seems overpriced plus can not lock a Stack. I Don’t need SiteLok. Any suggestions? Is there any Stack available now or in the future.

PageSafe is very good. You get what you pay for. It’s one of my more popular stacks. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for that Joe. So with PageSafe there must be a lot of coding and development “back of house” as some of your other stacks cost Is the pricing structure related to this? Was just looking at US$40 = $56 AUD)
Would PageSafe be part of your weekly promotion soon?

@instacks User Access… ETA?

With reference to Pagesafe. I have it, and used to use it lots, I use it less now, not a reflection on the stack, just on my need for more complexity. But, that said, Page Safe would still be my default for a solid, quick and easy to use solution. It’s literally drag & drop and it’s all working. I don’t think there is any stacks based system that is quite a simple.

Outside of stacks, there are a ton of scripts, often entirely free, that work fine with RW, you just lose the stacks simplicity.

The only question over all these is what level of security do you need? They all offer some, but my guess is at varying levels. I’m no security expert, but my guess is they could all be bypassed by a casual hacker. Not a problem for most, but if you need to hide sensitive or private data, you might need to do some research on any solution you use.

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Thank you for the effort in your reply. Just looking to a basic lock.

I’d go with a script, or Page Safe then.

A first version soonish.

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Pagesafe is great - it just works, and is really simple to set up. Well worth the price of admission, IMHO.

Maybe not a script for me.

Yes I must say PageSafe looks really good.

@Quinny58 The part of your question that confuses me is this: " I need a stack that will put a lock on a Stack and/or Page."

All of the solutions presented so far will only lock a page, but not a portion of a page (e.g. 1 or 2 stacks). At least I don’t remember them doing that. In the WordPress world there are plugins (i.e. stacks) that will control visibility based on blocks (or a portion) of the page.

So do you need a complete page locked or not? What is the challenge at hand? E.g. both Joe and another developer make a nice group of stacks that control when, and for how long, users can see a portion of a page.

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You can also set up htaccess rules for free to password protect your site Hor part of the site assuming you’re running Apache.

It’s no pleasure to manage your user configuration, so if you need to add and change users often then it’s a bit cumbersome. But it’s built into Apache so you probably can’t get any more secure. You can even protect resources like images and PDFs.

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Does page Safe not do that now? @joeworkman? As I said, ages since I’ve used it, but I thought that feature was added ages ago. Maybe not though.

In which case, if you want to keep things in Stacks, Will Woodgates Senty is the only option I can think of. Or wait for @instacks User Access. Sentry is good, but I do find it a bit of a monster to setup. But that might be just me. Sentry | Stacks4Stacks

@TemplateRepo I have PageSafe and I don’t see any obvious way to do a portion of a page. I may be wrong … in fact I’d like to be wrong on this one!

I forgot all about Sentry. I think I did have it at one point but I forget the details about setting it up.

Joes Page Safe comes with two other stacks: “Logout” and “Stack Safe”. With the latter you are able to show / hide different content (= stacks) when you are logged in. So you can actually hide certain content until logged in.


Yes. The StackSafe stack can lock a portion of the page. This means that you need to externalize the PageSafe login screen. This has been possible for a very very long time.

There is a tutorial video on the product page.


@RapidBase That’s very nice! I’ve never had the need to show/hide only a portion of a page … but great that the ability is included in Page Safe. I’ll have to try it out myself later on. This makes PageSafe even more valuable as a useful stack!

That’s perfect! I was not aware that PageSafe can lock a portion/stack on a page. My solution is solved. Thank you.

Thank you for your input. My solution is solved.

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