Page Locking Stack?

(Paul Rowe) #1

Hi Guys

I’m in pursuit of a page locking stack.

Other that Joe Workmans ‘Page Safe’ stack are there any other stacks to consider ?

Thanks in advance.


(Greg Schneck) #2

By page lock you mean password protection? Here is one method… no stack needed. Implements on the server.

(Paul Rowe) #3

Hi Greg

Thanks for your input.

I would need to go on another learning curve to fully understand that option which I will place on my ever growing ‘to do’ list.

In the interim I was really looking for an easy stack solution that I could drop in and forget.


(Mathew Mitchell) #4

Given what you’ve written then Joe’s stack is your best solution.

Sitelok is more powerful, but it’s really meant for membership websites or web areas. It gives you a lot more control, but it also does not sound like you need the added power.

Greg’s solution also works just fine but I realize it may not be as simple as you want.

(Raimo Karhunen) #5

There are other stacks as well:

  • “Private Eyes” by SeyDesign which has some very cool additions to it

  • “Unlock” by Yuzool

I have used both of these on projects, and they work well!!

(Paul Rowe) #6

Mathew / Raimo

Your inputs are also greatly appreciated - thank you !!