Page Locking Stack?

Hi Guys

I’m in pursuit of a page locking stack.

Other that Joe Workmans ‘Page Safe’ stack are there any other stacks to consider ?

Thanks in advance.


By page lock you mean password protection? Here is one method… no stack needed. Implements on the server.

Hi Greg

Thanks for your input.

I would need to go on another learning curve to fully understand that option which I will place on my ever growing ‘to do’ list.

In the interim I was really looking for an easy stack solution that I could drop in and forget.


Given what you’ve written then Joe’s stack is your best solution.

Sitelok is more powerful, but it’s really meant for membership websites or web areas. It gives you a lot more control, but it also does not sound like you need the added power.

Greg’s solution also works just fine but I realize it may not be as simple as you want.

There are other stacks as well:

  • “Private Eyes” by SeyDesign which has some very cool additions to it

  • “Unlock” by Yuzool

I have used both of these on projects, and they work well!!

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Mathew / Raimo

Your inputs are also greatly appreciated - thank you !!