How to publish to local folder

How do i publish to a local folder?

Under publishing, settings change the publishing mode to local folder. Click choose folder and pick or create a new folder.

I’d keep it in a folder by itself.

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I did that but the ‘publish’ button is grayed out.

Have you changed anything?

Can you select the dropdown arrow next to the publish button?

Was able to publish after all. Closed RW and opened back up and button was available.
However, when i click ‘visit’ it just takes me to the folder. Is there a way to actually visit the ‘published’ site on my local folder?

Download and install MAMP (free) - It creates a local server on your Mac to view your website without uploading it to your hosting provider.


Tip - Drag the folder you published your site to into the htdocs folder created in the MAMP folder.

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Thank you very much.

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