How to remove noindex pages from sitemap?

I may have this wrong so happy to be corrected. However, as I understand it, Google Search Console will list a noindex page as an error IF it is still in the sitemap.

If so, can RealMac find a way to remove noindex pages from the sitemap automatically or is it necessary to use a sitemap plugin such as sitemap plus or rapidbot (no idea if these are still available?)

All pages that are added to the navigation are added to the sitemap. You would need to remove a page from the navigation or use one of the mentioned plugins. My SEO Helper has a good sitemap builder as well.

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I just encountered the same problem with Google Search Console this morning. with an email saying error due to ‘Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’’, but I have no pages marked no index. I assume it must be the rapid weaver generated sitemap but can’t work out how to check and fix.

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