How to retrieve bookmark data?

My iMac’s video card broke, so I removed the HD and connected it as an external drive to a new Mac.
How can I retrieve bookmark data (server login data) stored internally in RapidWeaver?

Can you boot from the external HD?
If you can, you can retrieve that information.

Without knowing your O.S. you need to choose your option.
Command R if possible
or more likely hold the Option Key down at startup and choose the external.
If you are one of the people who used The Cloud, it might vary…

I can’t.
My new Mac mini has Big Sur installed. And the old “broken” iMac has High Sierra, so I think I can’t use his HD as external HD as boot.

Well just try starting up Rapidweaver from the external connected Hard Drive…

If you know were on the old hard drive, you put the addons folder I think there is a file called bookmark.db that contains the bookmark data. I never have tried to move that, so I’m not sure.

I believe they store the login credentials on the Mac’s KeyChain. Your KeyChain might be on the new Mac if you had and still use the iCloud KeyChain.

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Thanks, I will try

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