Help! My Laptop/website was stolen!


I was recently burgled and my laptop was stolen. All my rapidweaver files were stored on there (I had backed it up but they stole my portable hard drive too!)
I was wondering if there was a way to extract the files that have been uploaded via FTP and plug them back into rapidweaver?

If not then i’ll have to start completely from scratch.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi there

Really sorry to hear of your laptop being stolen. Unfortunately, there’s no way to import a previously-exported-to-HTML project. RapidWeaver only opens RapidWeaver project files I’m afraid!


Darn, thanks anyway!

i know this won’t help you now, but perhaps in the future: uploading one’s project file and all related files to a folder on your ftp server insures a backup is saved in case of emergencies. Sorry for your trouble!

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That is a brilliant idea, I’m using that!


I keep banging on about the importance of backups. Stack-Its rwBackup looks like a very neat way to automate server backups. The trouble with backing up to a remote server is that most of us don’t have a fast enough internet connection to back up everything, so backup to a local hard disk is the best way to back up ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Programs such as SuperDuper will create a bootable backup. The moment your iMac’s or MacBook’s hard disk fails, you can boot from the external drive.

I use SuperDuper and it’s brilliant. The problem is that if you have a fire or somebody enters your house to literally steal your computer and backup drives they may as well not have existed.

These days I make use of DropBox, iCloud and a cloud backup service to maintain backups of all the important stuff. Encrypt your backup drives and the data sent over the internet.

You need to lock away a sheet of paper with your key passwords to these accounts in a secret place. That way you can not only access your data again but also change the passwords quickly from another computer to ensure nobody else can access it. Using 1Password with your keychain stored via Dropbox is your friend here.

My other backup strategy is to keep a Bull Terrier in the house.

Yes, I’m all for offsite storage but if, like me, you have several gigabytes of files to back up every day, you need a very fast upload speed. My ADSL link which, on a very good day can manage a download speed of about 14 megabits per second, will typically only offer an upload speed of about 0.5 megabits per second. That’s well over 2 hours per gigabyte.

Call me paranoid but I’m doing the following:

  1. TimeMachine on one USB-HD
  2. CarbonCopyCloner clone once a day on another USB-HD
  3. Constant incremental backup via ARQ (encrypted) on Amazon S3. The initial backup takes ages thanks to German “high speed” internet. But the incrementals are OK, then.
    What that does:
  4. If my HD is stolen, I use the CarbonCopyCloner-backup to start another Mac from. I carefully keep track of any new files etc. I keep the TimeMachine untouched as this will be used to rebuild a new HD in a potentially new machine. My backup HD’s are hidden and not easy to find.
  5. If my house burns down, I recover all data from S3 on a brand new machine sponsored by my insurance…

Sorry that I’m wise after your event…

Seems as if you’re living in Germany, too? (-;

Sounds very sensible to me. If you mean me, no. I live in the UK.

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It is too late now, to recover your stolen MacBook. But i use Prey on all my devices, to be able to track them down, in case of theft or loss. I once recovered the lost phone of my daughter (Android system) with this tool. Worked great. I can highly recommend it, even the free version.
Here is the website :

Thanks everyone for your input, I certainly can’t see myself losing my site again, and I have prey on the laptop DickSijtsma, but I think the theives must be pretty smart to have not opened the laptop and connected to internet, they must have gone straight for the hard drive which is pointless because it’s encrypted anyway. I’m just hoping they’ll declare it useless and sell it on to someone who might just let it connect. So there’s still hope [:
Thanks again everyone, lots of useful stuff

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