How to save image from RW edit

(Bill Fleming) #1

I lost the original image that I used in RW so I thought maybe if I load one of the RW project, I could save the image from the project file.

When I right clicked on the image in RW edit mode - It gave me choices to download or copy it. I tried both and nothing happens.

is there a trick to copy the images from RW project files?

Thank you

(Bill Fleming) #2

I got the copy part figured out. It copies the path to the image saved on the iMac.

But can’t figure out the download part yet.

(Rob Beattie) #3

You could export the website to a local folder and then hunt for the image that way.

(Dave Farrants) #4

Find your RW project file, right click > ‘Show Package Contents’ > open “Pages” > open the folder for page you want > open the “Data” folder > choose the image you want.

Looks complicated but actually only takes a few seconds.

(system) #5

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