Broken Image Links after Copying to another Device

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Mac OS: 10.13.4
Rapidweaver: 7.5.5

Hi, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I’m a long-time RW user with multiple sites, but don’t generally move content from iMac to MacBook Pro for use away from home.

So, I transferred complete folders of half a dozen websites (via thumb drive) onto my MacBook Pro - each folder included RW project file, export files and all images, text, etc. One RW project has an issue - I can see all content in edit mode, but as soon as I hit Preview the images appear, then quickly disappear, leaving a question mark in the place holder. This obviously suggests broken links, but all the images are in their relevant Resource folder in the Export folder.

I had also gone into RW Preferences/Addons/Reveal in Finder and copied all those files over from iMac to laptop.

I didn’t ‘Make Document Portable’ before I dragged the RW projects onto the thumb drive. Is this my problem? I’m now a long way from home, btw.

This problem is ‘local’, I haven’t (daren’t) yet published to hosting server.

Rapidweaver software, stacks, plugins are all same versions on iMac and MacBook.

Any suggestions please, thanks.

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