How to transfer data in a .rwsw file to .rw8 file?

I attempt to open the .rwsw and failed due to a needed upgrade. I did the upgrade and when I open the .rwsw I get notice about upgrade creating a new .rw8 file but although this ,rw8 contains the old .rwsw
pages – they contain no data / links etc – The General info in the .rw8 file seems to be there and the Master style pop up looks correct. The publishing data appears correct . How can I get the entire website into the .rw8.

One discussion topic suggested dragging a .rw7 into the rw8 icon-- this does produce a .rw8 from the .rwsw but still , as above . no page specific data is seen?? Thanks for any advice

It appears fixed when the index file is in the proper environment-- Thanks for looking

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