Where is my RapidWeaver 7 website?

I’ve just updated to RapidWeaver 8 and it appears that all of the content I had created for my website in RapidWeaver 7 is gone! Not too happy… How can I recover my RW7 website content?

RW8 copies everything over, you should be able to start and Run RW7 even though you installed RW8. You will have to “open” your RW7 project file with RW8, File>Open from Menu or drag them to the RW8 icon. RW8 will then convert the project to a new format and file.

Ok - But I’m getting an error message on this saying the file exists, but the file doesn’t have my RW7 content in it. Just the generic RW8 opening page.

If you look inside Finder for where the RW8 document is, there should still be the original project. RW8 leaves all existing projects in their place unchanged. If it is not there, maybe you trashed it by accident?

Oh, the RW7 website is there, but when I try to open it in RW8 none of the content I created in RW7 is there. I can still open the RW7 work in RW7, but it’s not showing up in RW8.

It looks like somehow RW8 has taken the RW7 intro page in pasted it in as one of my images.

Yes. Once the RW8 project has been created, you must use that project file in order to see new content inside RW8.

Yes, realize that - but it’s corrupted. I’ll see what I can do to get it to knock the errant image out and figure out just what it’s doing. Don’t know how it even got the RW7 intro page in as one of my images, but that’s what it’s done. In the meantime, thankfully I can still work on my website in RW7, but as of right now it looks like I’m going to have to open a new project and drag all my code into it rather than just upgrading the RW7 website.

Would have been nice if I could have had it upgrade correctly, but no joy.

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