How to transfer my website from Rapidweaver 2 to Rapidweaver 7?

I have been using Rapidweaver for many years, but lately I had to change my hosting. The connection seems to be ok, but I am not able to publish anything… So I thought it was because my RW version is to old and I downloaded the new version Rapidweaver 7. But I don’t want tu rebuild a new website. I would like to transfer my website from the old version of RW to the new one. Is it possible? And if yes, how can I do it?

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It would be virtually impossible to use your existing content built in RW 2 to version 7.

So much has changed as the versions between the two have been released.

You could, though, build a new, empty site in 7 (to which it’s relatively easy to upgrade from version 5 and above) and then copy and paste page content from your existing site as text and graphics etc. Good luck!

You’ll like 7, too, BTW!

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I think you may have to take (at least) a couple of steps to do this, I think you will have to install v5 upgrade to that, which you could then upgrade to 7 from - but rather than guess I’d open a support ticket with Realmac to get the definitive answer.



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Might want to check out this article

There’s steps outlined here from prior to RW6.


Hi Valerie!

While upgrading your document from RapidWeaver 2 to RapidWeaver 7 isn’t impossible, it’s highly impractical.

As @MarkSealey mentioned, there is over a decade of code difference between the 2 versions. Much has changed, not only in RapidWeaver, but in the web as a whole.

I’d highly recommend taking this opportunity to reimagine your site and bring it up to date with current web standards. The biggest change would be making your site mobile friendly - RapidWeaver 7 helps you test / build your site around a mobile focus easily. The included responsive / mobile friendly themes are: Affero, Allegro, Kiki, Lander, Offroad, Reason, Split, Tesla and Voyager.

We have a bunch of free video tutorials on our community site to help you get acquainted with some of the new features and the interface in RapidWeaver 7:

And always feel free to give us a shout!

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