Help requested to recover a webpage written in 2012


In 2012 I wrote a web page using Rapid Weaber. This page is currently working and it is hosted in Siteground

Since then, I have not modified it. Not only that, I have absolutely forgotten how to do it. And, I do not have my computer with RapidWeaver anymore, but I have the web files. If I run these in my computer the browser starts and I can see my web.

Now I need to add another Tab to this web as well as to update it.

I have two paths, one is to recover my license code for Dreamweaver, download it and update my web myself, which can be time consuming, and the other one is to find someone to do it for me.

What I need, if I choose this path is to find someone who can check the files and prepare the workflow for me to update the web with RapidWeaver and upload it. (I knew how to do it, but after 9 years I will need to relearn how to do it)


Same than above + publish the web page with my text and images.

To know what I am talking about please visit


Nine years ago, would probably been RW5.

The website that you have looks to be non-responsive, 9 years ago that wasn’t an issue. Now with mobile viewing being a large percent of site views, you would need a more modern theme.

There isn’t much content, so it wouldn’t be too hard to copy and paste over to a new project file.

Thanks, Doug, in the meanwhile I have recovered the license (yes, you are right, it was RW5), and I have a quotation to upgrade to RW8, that I will probably accept.

I am looking for a kind of “mentor”, someone willing to help me to update the web if an automatic updater does not exist. I would transfer the files by myself, but if I can speed-up the learning curve, so the best.

If you are interested give me an idea about how we can proceed. My plan, for obvious reasons, is to do the work myself, but I may be interested in the update to RW8, and also a short lesson on how to upload the web once edited. I faintly remember that RW5 had an upload function, but I am not sure at all. This is the kind of information I may eventually need.

Now here (in Barcelona) is 7:45 pm, so, I you send me something, I will answer it tomorrow

Have a nice evening


RapidWeaver has a built-in publishing function. It’s pretty easy to set up, you will need to get (or add) the ftp information from SiteGround.

After you upgrade to RW8, there are several tutorials available on the RealMac YouTube Channel.

Must people who are using RapidWeaver today are using the Stacks plugin for development. The plugin (type of page) come with some stacks that you use to layout the page. There are also thousands of 3rd part addon stacks (they require the stacks plugin) that give you a lot of flexibly in layout and functionality.

RapidWeaver comes with several new themes that are fully responsive. There are also a lot of third party themes as well. I’d suggest you go through some Tutorials and play around a bit with a few “dummy” projects.

RapidWeaver also has something we call Frameworks now. These specially combine a theme and a bunch of addon stacks that are made to work with that theme. You basically start with a blank page and build everything from scratch.

I noticed that you have a second language for the site (Spanish). You can continue to do this the way you have, but there are other ways to handle this with stacks.

If all you want to do is reproduce the site you have (with a modern theme) then you may not need some or any of these addons. Just wanted to make you aware of how much has changed in the last nine years.

I’d probably start with this video. It covers a very basic RW8 site, including the publishing set up:

Once you get going if you have questions then just post back here.


Thanks,Doug, probably I will start the path you propose. I will try to do the transition from RW5 to RW8 by myself, using the tutorials, and if I run into troubles, I will ask the question (which will of course be a newbie question) here

Thank you very much, Doug, I planned to send you this through DM, but I did not find the way to do it. Anyway, I have gone through the video you recommend, and you are right, things have changed a lot since 2012 ! (by the way, I saw that you started programming in IBM Assembler in the 70s. I was then programming in HP assembler. Going back to your recommendations, I will leave my webpage as it is - for the moment - and I will program a different one, with the information I wanted to add to my web. Then, when the new one is up and running I will redo my current page, and link both together. I will give a try to Framework…