How to use Resources


I don’t think this has been covered or documented.

I have lots of images on my site that can appear more than once, should these be stored in the resources folder? and can I create sub folders? As I would manually creating a site

I only ask because all the newbie type demos just show images etc. being dragged from the desktop, I know these are then stored and published to the site, but I would like to control where.

Help please


This is probably going to do the trick. It’s about warehousing images.

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Thanks for that Neil but I think its a bit over the top for my needs,
Basic scenario I have stack with left floating image and text
I have placed a jpg in the resources column (because I may use it more than once)
I then try to drag and drop it on the image holder in the stack nada it doesn’t want to play.

Which then prompts my question what is the resources section for, am I doing it wrong ?

The resources in RW are not drag and drop. You need to create a link to them (if you stack supports this or use a macro

Take a log at this a little way down from the top:

The RW term warehousing is not drag and drop either:

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