How Well Does Rapidweaver Clean Up the Server?

How well does rapidweaver clean files from the web server? Say I had a .pdf in my resources and linked to a page. I took the link off the webpage and removed the .pdf from the resource, would rapidweaver that that .pdf off of the web server?

Also, when I built out the website, I didn’t pay much attention to the ‘Folder’ or ‘Filename’ in the Page Resources window. If I wanted to go back and change these to give the website much better URLs, could I count on rapidweaver to keep the files straight on the server and not to keep the old folders on it?

I have been using Rapidweaver 5.3.2 for about a year - year to a half now to manage a website for a model railroading club I am apart of. I am just kind of learning the ins and outs of webmastering as I go.


Easy answer. It doesn’t! :smile:

All orphaned files remain on your server. You will need to clean them up yourself if you need to. Or wipe the server clean (preserve any important files if there are any) and republish all files.


That is simple enough. Thank you for the answer. Makes sense why using a FTP is so important.

Another question that kind of involves ‘ghost’ or orphaned files. I moved the website from being a sub domain on a club members site to Chilli Dog hosting back in March or so. During our two big events a year, one in November and the other in February, I am updating .pdf documents about once or twice a week as plans change. I am getting members saying that they are sometimes seeing a copy of last years .pdf when they go to view the current one. I think that is odd as I have never uploaded the 2014 .pdf to Chilli Dog and to my knowledge the old website has been deleted. Could it be in there internet cashe or something like that? I have gotten 3 or 4 reports like this but with our club being an older crowd, their description of their actions leading up to them seeing the older .pdf are vague to say the least.