Is there a method to clean-up the resources folder?

I have several files in my resources folder which are outdated. The respective download links are no longer on my page.
Is there a method to clean-up the resources folder other than manually remove them file by file?
I know that they will have to be removed from the server. But this can be done easily by deleting all files and re uploading the whole project.

I don’t think there is but there should be :wink:
I’d be happy to be wrong.

Just bear in mind that Rapidweaver NEVER deletes any files on the server. It will overwrite files but never delete them, so all your old orphan pages and Resource files will remain on the server.

It’s a good idea to FTP to the server every now and then and see just what is there. However, do be careful and don’t bulk delete stuff as it’s really easy to make a mess of things.

I am well aware that I will have to delete the files on the server. Please read my posting.

Sorry, I did read your post and I was just trying to help.

I though it was a more polite answer rather than just saying ‘NO’ to your question :slight_smile:

Remember that others will be reading this thread too and the answers might help them even though it might not answer your question!


Sorry that I have been a bit direct. Your answer reminded me of software support people giving pre-fabricated answers without really reading the request.

Your hint to be careful with deleting stuff on the server is indeed very helpful. Sometimes there are hidden files for special functions so that my method to delete the whole page may lead to problems.

So there’s the old rule to backup things before you do operations like these.

it would be great to have the ability to ‘delete all unused resources’; something like that. i sometimes resize images, and lose track of which ones in the resources folder on on a site, and which ones aren’t.

perhaps options: “delete all unused resources”, or “archive all unused resources” (in case one wants to store those files away for possible future use).

so, basically; yes, this would be great.


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