HTML Code For Video Player Not Working

Hello Community,

I have tried everything and I can’t get this HTML code to show the live video stream in rapidweaver. It is working in HTML builders online and on other websites, but not with a rapidweaver site. I have tried changing themes, different html stacks, and the native rapidweaver html page and still nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. See code below:




Hi @justinmichael,

Just reaching out because I’m experiencing a very similar problem (HTML audio player won’t display)…

Through some trial and error, I figured out that for my issue it wasn’t RW itself , but most likely Foundation. Out of curiosity, are you using it too?

I’ve put in a ticket with Joe Workman Support but have yet to get a response. If I do get it figured out, I’ll be sure to share! Could you please do the same if you find a solution?

My thread on this topic: Embedded audio player will not display

Good luck!


Hi @miketee,

I am not using foundation. However, can assure you beyond a doubt that mine is not a foundation theme problem. I have tried in in over 15 different themes, including themes from rapidweaver and third party. I have also tried in using stacks and the html page. It is amazing that it just doesn’t work in rapidweaver…

I will let you know if I find any success.