HTML Code Will Not Work In RapidWeaver


I am trying to embed a HTML code in rapidweaver for a live stream video player and it will not display the video feed. The code is working with they online HTML testers, but not in rapidweaver. Are there suggestions? See code below:


Your code is not displaying - in my browser, at least.

Is it for you? If not, try editing your message, selecting all the code you want help with, and clicking once on the display code icon above the message entry box; it’s like this:


If there are any URLs that start with // you will need to make sure that you add http: in front of it if you want it to work inside RapidWeaver.

Hi @joeworkman ,

Thank you for this feedback - I have tried your suggestion and it still did not work. See code below for ease of reference - perhaps I am overlooking something.




Hi @MarkSealey,

I just included a code in the post above.


Make sure you’ve got smart quotes turned off in System Preferences. This has been a frequent cause of HTML markup not working correctly in RapidWeaver 6 for some people.

Hi @willwood,

I check under preference and I don’t see that option. Are your referring to the smart quotes under format? If so, that is not checked.


Hello Team RapidWeaver,

I got it to work - I did as @joeworkman suggested and placed http: in front of the url. I was still get some problems and realized that it was because I did not defied my website url in the settings. Once I did that and published it - it work perfectly.

Cheers everybody…