HTML-code (java) in blogpage

Hello! I would appreciate your help with the next:

On my blogpage (which is the home-page and also a part of a website with more pages) I would like to integrate Google’s search-engine. The code Google uses is Javascript.
I tried:

  • the code in the sidebar
  • the code in the Javascript part of the header
  • the code in a blogpost
    but the search-engine does not show on the blog page after publishing.

The websites address is


If you look in the error console, it says, '[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

The URL is clearly wrong

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your answer but it does not solve the problem, the googletagmanager is a code used for an other target.
To be sure it did not conflict with the code of Google’s search-engine, I removed the googletagmanager-code and tried to place the searchengine-code again. No result.

Now I made a STACKS-page with an HTML-stack with the searchengine-code:, it works like a charm!

But… I want that code on my start/homepage.

I hope I made clear what the problem is and hope somebody can help me out.