HTML compression

Hi all, I’ve been asked by my colleagues to implement HTML compression on our website in order to improve SEO. I have no idea how to do this…has anyone else ever encountered this request? (see attached image)

It’s probably referring to GZIP Compression. There’s a good article about it here, but be VERY careful if you edit or create a .htaccess file.

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Ok, thanks Neil! Will give it a try!

Unless your users are using dial up modems to access your site I wouldn’t worry about a page that was 41.15 Kb in size. There are all sorts of ways to trim up the size but it is always a balancing act. For everything you slim down you lose quality.

Agree with Keith and would like to add that the html filesize is nothing when compared to all linked css and js ressources. The best indication for size is when you save any webpage in your safari as webarchive. Don’t trust in so-called SEO or optimization tools.

You didn’t receive this request from a marketing email or such…??? You (or your client) will constantly get email notices of how poor your website is for SEO… REGARDLESS of actual truth. They are trying to sell their services.

Thanks everyone! That’s what I thought too. I don’t think compression would do a whole lot to improve load times for this site…it already loads really fast for me.

The SEO person at our office got this message from one of the tools she uses.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback…thanks!