Now issues with RW 7.3.1 (18607)

I’ve just installed the latest update. Something clearly seems to be wrong in the “Edit” function if I open some pages created in an earlier version of RW. Text now flows across photos on the page, where it was never placed when the page was created. Paradoxically, however, the pages appear ok in the “Preview” function and continue to display online correctly.

Having done a fair bit of updating and editing of the site recently, I know for sure this fault was not there before I installed 7.3.1 today.

Can someone take a look at this?



And I’ve just noticed that someone has already posted the same issue already. Apologies for the duplication. In that thread, there seems to be an acceptance that the problem is known and down to RW. Confirmation would help on that, and some idea when it’ll be fixed.



Yup, it’s an issue in RW 7.3.1. We’ll release an update as soon as it’s fixed - it’s my #1 priority right now.

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RapidWeaver 7.3.2 is now live, and should fix this issue. Please let me know if it works for you.