HTML page , it renders on footer

It is easy to see than explain , I think.

Here I paste Rapidweaver HTML page

enter link description here

Here is the html page without rapidweaver

enter link description here

I have added in the footer year and line to show that the render in below the footer , not in the body.

I am not an expert in coding , so I really I don’t know what is wrong.
This page has custom html, css and java, and is working as expected but in the wrong position , so If I try import it to other pace, I can’t , and empty space is displayed.

Maybe some of you can tell that don’t waste time , just iframe it , well if I do that , works, but there is a special an important feature that I lose ( full screen option ).

Any info is appreciated

I forgot to paste an iframe page , just to show that when I try to embed it like iframe I lose an option that allow to enter the Google pano in full screen mode

enter link description here

You can see that option in the other links but not on iframe

Do you have Stacks?

Do you have the Extra Content Stack

Try Placing the code in EC1 (Extra Content Area 1) and test.

I have no other idea why it is going below the footer of the page…


I have tried your suggestion , but I get same results , thanks anyway for your time.

I have updated to last rapid weaver version 6.3.8 , but without luck.

I will ask to support mail

I would try using the Blank theme for just that page.

It is free from @joeworkman

I have downloaded and installed blanc theme but with almost same results

The html code page with blanc theme doesn’t show anything