RapidWeaver Data GONE

(Derek Wilkinson) #1

I opened my RapidWeaver 7 project today and all the page data was blank. I have been working on the site every day but only have a backup from a couple weeks ago. Please tell me there is a way to get my data back. The fact that this happened is unacceptable.

(Philip Owens) #2

Have you tried File > Revert To >? This will show you versions of your file. Go back in time until you see a version that was correct, click it, and choose Restore. Best of luck!

(Derek Wilkinson) #3

Is that supposed to be an option in RapidWeaver? I don’t see it. I have gotten most of my data back thanks to a Google archive that was more recent than my backup… I think I might start just keeping my rapid weaver data on iCloud

(Philip Owens) #4

It’s not an option, it’s built into Rapidweaver, and most modern OS X apps. But it does depend on you having a more recent version of OS X - I think it was 10.8 that introduced ‘Versions’ as they were called. What version of RW are you using? Glad to hear you got your data back. Backups backups backups.

(Derek Wilkinson) #5

I’m using RapidWeaver 7.1.4 on Mac OS El Capitan

(Derek Wilkinson) #6

It just happened again. I published the site and a bunch of pages were blank. Went into the pages in RapidWeaver and they were blank. I hadn’t restarted the computer or even closed RapidWeaver. This is most definitely a bug with RapidWeaver, and now I will need to re-do the site once again. If this is the kind of results I can expect from this product, I do not think I will be purchasing again in the future.

(Philip Owens) #7

What is your workflow? Something is clearly wrong, but rest assured many of us have been using RW for almost a decade with great results. The software works, and what you’re describing sounds bizarre. What version of RW are you using, what OSX, what RW Add-ons are you using?

(Derek Wilkinson) #8

I’m pretty sure the sites project file got corrupted somehow. I made a new project file and copied the page data over and have had no issues yet. With the old file, it got to the point where I would open a different page in the site and the text would either be gone or be from another page. Latest rapid weaver and latest El Capitan update. No plugins installed only a couple themes.

(Isaiah Carew) #9

I would recommend sending the corrupted document to Realmac Software. And if you’re using Stacks, I’d recommend sending a copy of it to YourHead Software.

It sounds like you’re already moved over and working on a fresh file – which sounds like the best thing – but perhaps with the corrupted data in hand the developers can use that info to improve the software for the future.