HTML5 Video that remembers where a user left off?

Is there a simple way to accomplish this. I generally use Joe’s HTML5 Video stack which works great. But as my topic suggests I’m looking for a way for longer clips to remember where a user left them if that same user come back to the clip at a later time?

Thanks for any thoughts.

There are a couple ways you could approach this.

Can you be more specific as to how this will be used so that the best solution can be proposed?

Thanks Brandon. Pretty basic really. Building a site with thumbnail images that link to video files. Any navigation away from that video page and then back re-starts the clip. Was just hoping there was an easy way to have the last position in the clip remembered so it could be resumed.

I’m on my phone at the moment, but to get the ball rolling I can describe the type of solution would imagine.

You can use JS to get the current time of the video. You can then post upper current time to a PHP script that will save it as a session variable.

When you load a page again you use the session variable to start the video.

Alternatively, you could use cookies instead of session-variables.

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… He asked for a simple way …

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Simple is relative and so far it is the simplest proposed solution. :grin:

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Thanks Guys,

Brandon, your solution is a bit above my pay grade though I’m certainly willing to take a whack at it after doing some research. I guess I was kind of hoping Joe Workman would just add a click box on the Stack that says “Resume” or “Start from Beginning”. I can hope…

:wink: that’s why I said I would “get the ball rolling” in hopes that if the blueprint is laid out then someone may pick it up and run with it.

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