Please Critique

(Francis Carney) #1


Looking for some honest feedback on my first site using Foundation + BWD stacks in Rapidweaver. I’m not a designer or a user experience expert but I want to get better at these things.

Here it is:

Thanks in advance.


(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Well done. I like it, especially the small details like the spinning gears. The font is nice to the eyes and easy to read.

I would spread the case study navigation over the whole page, they look too close to each other. In the career page, perhaps you can set the white line to close with the words on the left side? So it adjusts to the C? The career button toggles too much and changes the width when clicked. Can you set this to a fixed width? Same with the contact button.

On important issue: Do not use any effects on buttons, which you want actions to take place, which change the position of the button. E.g. if I want to click on learn more and the button jumps away from my mouse pointer it creates an uneasy feeling. Stay with the rotating gears etc. but keep the button fixed to one place. Some people just will not click them.

Again, well done in my opinion!

(Melvin Herndon) #3

I think it is quite nice, but I like you am by no means an expert.

(Isaiah Carew) #4

solid site. bold colors to match the content. very fast loads. responsiveness is very effective.


(Lisa Sandler) #5

Looks nice but I’d add some padding to let it breathe. I am a graphic designer, not programmer :slight_smile:

(Chet) #6

My only note would be to sharpen the logos at the top. They’re rough around the edges on a Retina display.

(scott williams) #7

Nice site
Something a little wonky going on if you open the cariers section and scroll on iOS. May want to check it out.

(Markus Frieauff ) #8

I agree with Lisa (I’m a graphic designer, too ;-). Give the elements and the texts more whitespace (empty room around them). Right now they feel a little “boxed”.

(Francis Carney) #9

THANK YOU to everyone for taking the time to comment. I very much appreciate the suggestions and observations!