HTTPS Bug using FTP Publishing via Rapidweaver

Rapidweaver Version 8.7 (20860) has an intermittent bug that isn’t writing the HTTPS to the exported files when Publishing straight to the server.

I had to Export Site to a folder on my Mac, then use an FTP client (FileZilla) to upload the files to my server and it worked perfectly.

I discovered the problem when hovering over the logo on the site. I copied the link address and pasted into a new tab, it read HTTP

That’s when I decided to export the site to a folder on my Desktop. I opened the index.html file in that folder in Safari. After hovering over the logo, it showed HTTPS; that’s when I discovered that Rapidweaver wasn’t writing the files correctly when I chose to publish directly to my server.

So, we now know it’s not an issue with Go CMS or an issue with my GoDaddy hosting; it’s an issue with Rapidweaver itself.

Not true at all.

RapidWeaver gets the Logo link from the Web address specified in settings (General).

Something else must be wrong with how you are the testing. This is assuming the theme you are using uses the standard site logo variable.

Outputs a user definable site wide image.

You’re right, the Logo link is generated by the Web Address specified in General Settings.

In 4 separate projects I have that web address starting with HTTPS, but only 3 out of the 4 don’t show an HTTPS link for the logo after directly publishing to the server. This is also related to why Go CMS kept giving me the error message to change the Web Address link in General Settings.

I’ve been on the phone for over an hour with a GoDaddy rep to verify that there are no mixed content warnings, and they have verified everything appears to be working concerning the SSL certificate.

When I go to File > Export Site > folder on my Mac, I open the index.html file and the HTTPS link shows up just fine.

I then take the exported files from my folder on the Mac and upload using FileZilla to the server, overwriting all of the previous files.

After that, the HTTPS prefix shows up when hovering over the site logo and Go CMS doesn’t give me an error message.

I can either narrow it down to Rapidweaver itself having a bug or the theme that I’m using. Not sure which one it is or which one makes more sense.

A URL would be helpful to determine what is happening.

Thousands of pages get published every day using RapidWeaver’s built-in publishing and no one else has reported your problem. So, you can probably rule out RapidWeaver as the problem.

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The problem I’m running into involves Go CMS, and is evident when attempting to access the Blog.

Here is an example where I uploaded directly from Rapidweaver:

Here is a different example where exported from Rapidweaver and then uploaded via FileZilla:

Keep in mind, I have HTTPS in the General > Settings > Web Address area for both sites.

I just tested this with the theme you are using (Depth) and goCMS, and it works fine publishing directly from RW.

I checked and Depth uses the %logo% theme variable (like most every other theme).

RapidWeaver doesn’t do a different page generation for local file publishing versus publishing to the host. It just writes the files to the local folder or tries to publish them.

I don’t know what to tell. My guess is there is something else going on with the publishing. I can tell you it works for me and almost everybody else.

Since the message “web Address Not correct” is coming from goCMS, perhaps cut a ticket with @yabdab support. With your project file, he might tell more about what is going on.

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Thank you for the insight.

I have been in communication with Yabdab via support ticket and they insist that it’s my web hosting (which we know that it’s not).

I sent them an explanation of my discovery but haven’t received a response yet.

I’ll let you know what they discover.

I have noway to know if it’s the host or not or is it something else like the publishing settings.

I can tell you that aftera lot more testing,

  1. RapidWeaver doesn’t change the website address from general settings to be different for local publishing and FTP publishing
  2. RapidWeaver doesn’t change the %logo% link address to http:// from https://

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