Publishing Problems - Rapidweaver 7.1.7

Anyone still having publishing issues???

I can successfully connect to my godaddy server and it appears that the files are being updated, but it continuously comes back saying unable to connect to FTP server. I’ve tried different FTP settings, like active, extended passive, passive, but nothing seems to work. I’m going to try some other things but at this point just curious if others are still having publishing issues,

So, if I FTP directly to my godaddy server using CYBERDUCK it works perfectly. Not sure why I can’t just publish from within rapidweaver but I can crawl along at this point until the next update to rapidweaver.

So, I just opened up my project file and tried to publish again without changing any of my previous publishing settings and, LO AND BEHOLD, it published without any issues or hiccups. I’m bewildered but ecstatic. :wink: